Physical Therapy 2 U delivers relief to you!

Don't let PAIN stop your TRAIN

 Are you active & exercising regularly?

Soreness, stiffness and pain getting in the way?  

Don't think you have TIME to get relief because of...

Work, kids, hassle

Mobile Physical Therapy delivered to YOU.




Born from necessity

My wife woke up one morning and couldn't make it out of bed due to excruciating low back pain.  She needed relief.  


Bringing immediate relief to you. 

I provided the treatment and relief of the pain that was limiting her.  She went to work and was able to do what was important to her without driving to an appointment or relying on pain medication/injections.

 Why not provide the same experience for everyone?   

I come to you.  I provide one on one treatment focusing only on you and your specific needs/goals.  You will experience exceptional service with immediate results.  There's no reason to sit around in pain.  

Dry Needling

Dry Needling